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Coming soon: THG premium Austria from SMATRICS for 2024

Laden an SMATRICS EnBW Ladestationen

Until 31.12.2023, you could have received a bonus for proving the CO2 saved and the proportion of renewable energy in the electricity used - simple, convenient, fast & unbureaucratic.

When registering the THG quota via SMATRICS, you would have received in return, depending on your choice

  • Your one-off payment of up to 340 € within 5 weeks plus SMATRICS Charge Pro tariff for 1 year without basic fee worth 118.80 €
  • Your one-off payment of up to 400 € in autumn 2024.

This offer is no longer available - our offer for your THG quota 2024 will follow soon!

What were the benefits in 2023?

  • Payment of up to 340 € per electric vehicle directly to your bank account within 5 weeks

  • 12 months SMATRICS Charge Pro tariff without basic fee (you save 118.80 €)

  • Ultra-fast charging in the SMATRICS EnBW charging network (AC: from 0.55 €/kWh, DC: from 0.60 €/kWh, HPC: from 0.65 €/kWh)

  • SMATRICS charging card with access to all partner networks, roaming providers in Austria & Europe as well as to the EnBW HyperNetz with over 150,000 charging points in Europe

  • Alternative premium option: one-off payment of up to 400 € in autumn 2024 but without Charge Pro tariff.


  • Yes, I am the owner of the e-vehicle according to the type certificate.

  • Yes, I have not submitted the THG quota through another provider yet.

Frequently asked questions about THG quota & THG premium

Further information on the background to the THG/GHG quota can also be found in our blog post GHG quota in Austria at a glance.

In contrast to fossil fuels, electricity can also be generated sustainably. SMATRICS generates so-called THG quotas from the amounts of electricity used in your multi-lane e-vehicle (car, truck or bus) and sells these in bundles to companies subject to quotas.

In return for registering your THG quota via SMATRICS, you will receive the THG premium, which consists of a bonus payment to your bank account and - if you have opted for the variant with immediate payment - the SMATRICS Charge Pro tariff for 12 months without a basic fee on top.

Your THG quota depends on the period of your admission and is calculated aliquot for your period of admission.

If you have opted for the variant with immediate payment, you will receive the SMATRICS Charge Pro tariff free of basic charges for 1 year - regardless of the pro rata calculation of the premium share.

Yes, that is possible. For each registration certificate, you will receive the annual payment and the Charge Pro tariff free of charge.

If you have opted for the variant with immediate payment, you will also receive the Charge Pro tariff free of basic charges for 1 year.

No, with a plug-in hybrid you cannot claim the THG quota via SMATRICS and carbonify at the moment.

In principle, the vehicle owner is considered to be entitled to THG premiums. Because there are different leases, either you or your lessor may be entitled.

In your registration certificate, the fields C1.1. and C.1.2. contain the first and last name of the owner.

Yes, if you have opted for the instant payout option and are already a SMATRICS customer, please enter your card number when registering your THG quota. Your current SMATRICS contract will be changed after your data has been validated. The following tariffs will be changed automatically by SMATRICS: 

  • Single NET, Smart NET, Active NET
  • SinglePlus NET, SmartPlus NET or ActivePlus NET
  • Charge Basic, Charge Pro or Charge Time

If you have a different tariff, you will keep your current contract and SMATRICS will send you an additional charging card with the Charge Pro THG tariff.

From our point of view, the THG quota is a sensible measure to accelerate the switch from fossil fuels to regenerative forms of energy and drive. In the long term, the high environmental impact of road traffic is thus reduced and the capital flows resulting from the sale of e-quotas to companies favor the further development of sustainable technologies and infrastructure.

If you have opted for the variant with immediate payment, you will automatically receive the Charge Pro tariff free of basic charges. SMATRICS will give you the basic fee for one year. If you don't want to use the Charge Pro tariff, you don't have to - you won't incur any costs.

If you opt for the variant with full payout in autumn 2024, you will receive the THG premium without the basic fee-free Charge Pro tariff.

For you as an e-mobilist, it can also be an advantage in many situations to have access to the nationwide high-power charging network of SMATRIC EnBW.

After one year, your contract will automatically be switched to the Charge Basic tariff, which is free of basic fees.

If you submit your THG quotas via SMATRICS again, you can extend your Charge Pro tariff for another year without basic fees.

In addition to cars and buses (vehicle class M), trucks (vehicle class N) and dual-track vehicles in vehicle class L can also be registered.

You will find the vehicle class in line J in the registration document for your e-vehicle.

We need the respective registration document for each e-vehicle for clear identification. In addition, it requires the recording of a few personal data entries, including bank details, in order to payout the THG premium afterwards.

According to our terms and conditions, you have the obligation to inform us without being asked about the deregistration of your e-vehicle. You can change your authorization data in your user profile at any time.

Since the THG premium is an aliquot premium due to legal circumstances, we reserve the right to reclaim the aliquot portion (date of deregistration by December 31, 20xx) from you in order to pass this on to the following owner of the e-vehicle as well to enable an aliquot payment of the THG premium.

Customer Service

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be there for you!

If you were not able to find an answer to your question in our FAQ, the SMATRICS service team will be happy to help you:

  • by e-mail to (please note: if there is an increased volume of emails, it may take multiple working days to process your email)

  • by phone via +43 5 031 351 855 (Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm)