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Charging FAQ

Frequently asked questions of charging users

Questions about charging sessions & charging infrastructure

Due to different vehicles, plugs and charging stations, the individual steps of the charging process may vary. In our charging instructions, you will find instructions on how to charge your e-vehicle at different stations via the SMATRICS charging card, our mobile charging app or via the charging network map.

This depends on the respective vehicle, the charge level of the vehicle batteries and the respective charging station. Depending on which charging station you charge at and how strong the battery in your electric car is, the charging process will take a different amount of time. At ultra-fast charging stations, e-vehicles can be fully charged within half an hour.

The batteries of modern e-vehicles do not have to be fully charged or completely drained. The loading process can be interrupted or continued at any time. The duration of a full charge depends on your vehicle's battery and the performance of the respective charging station.

24/7 charging is possible at many charging stations, but please note that partners of each location may limit the opening hours.

The respective opening hours of each SMATRICS EnBW charging stations can be found in the detailed information on our charging network map and in our charging app.

In the event of a fault at a charging station, please contact our service team on +43 5 031 351 855. This service number can be also found on every SMATRICS EnBW charging station.

No, the same charging card or the same mobile app access is required to end the charging process as when charging started.

In the case of public charging stations without an integrated charging cable, the cable is locked on the charging station side during the charging process and until the process is actively ended by the customer. Many electric vehicles also lock the charging cable on the vehicle side during the charging process.

No, only certified electric vehicles may be charged at the SMATRICS charging stations and wall boxes.

Charging stations and wall boxes from SMATRICS EnBW are secured in such a way that there is no risk of injury when used properly. However, please always refer to our charging instructions and use the correct connectors and charging cables to completely eliminate the possibility of hardware overheating.

As a charging network operator, we always strive to make the charging points quickly and easily accessible. Similar to the conventional refueling process, it should also be a matter of course at the charging station that the charging point is cleared for the next customer after the charging process has been completed.

We are in talks with legislators, authorities and our location partners regarding the towing of vehicles if they are parked at charging stations or even the "parking" of stations by vehicles with combustion engines. At the same time, we work with information and prohibition signs to prevent accidental parking.

In any case, it would be ideal if there were no blockages and if all drivers were aware that charging stations had to be cleared immediately after charging was complete.

The following factors influence the charging performance:

  • Vehicle model - each vehicle has an individual maximum charging capacity. It is also important here whether it is an AC (alternating current) or a DC (direct current) charge. The station only delivers what is requested by the vehicle.
  • Connection type AC / DC - You can find the maximum possible power output of a station on site at the station, on our charging network map or in the SMATRICS app.
  • Outside temperature - in winter, the charging speed is often lower if the vehicle's battery is not yet preheated. Many vehicles have a specially designed heat pump installed.
  • SoC (state of charge) of the connected vehicles - The fuller a battery is, the slower it is charged.
  • Utilization of the station - At stations with several connections, the performance can be lower because other vehicles are already charging.
    • An example: An HPC has four power modules installed. If a vehicle with a low SoC and high input power charges, it initially occupies three of these four modules. If another car loads, it only receives the remaining power via the fourth module. Should the first car eventually reach a certain percentage of its SoC, the third module will be released for the other (varies from brand to brand). How much power this can now draw also depends on the charge level of the other battery.
  • Other restrictions – The vehicle does not request more power from the station due to technical errors or unintentional default settings on the on-board computer (these are usually used to save the battery).

In the case of tariffs that are billed by time, please note that your charges are billed on a per-minute basis, based on the duration of connection and on the basis of the maximum possible output power of the charging point.

If you have any questions about your charge, please contact us at or by phone via +43 5 031 351 855 and please provide us with your customer details, date & time of your charge, your vehicle model and the exact charging point. We're happy to check the details of your charging session for you.

Questions about charging via smartphone

The SMATRICS charging app can be downloaded free of charge for iPhones from the Apple Store and for smartphones with the Android operating system from the Google Play Store. Visit our mobile app page for more information.

No, the SMATRICS app for iOS and Android is free. Visit our mobile app page for more information.

If you are using the app for the first time, please create your personal SMATRICS account. You can then log in with your e-mail address and your self-chosen password.

After logging in, you can select a SMATRICS EnBW station via the map view or the list view. In the detailed view of the charging station, select the appropriate charging point with the "Load" button.

Charging can only be started if the selected charging point is free and the plug symbol is green. If the vehicle is connected to the charging station, simply press the "Start" button to start the charging process.

Charging sessions can be terminated by clicking on the "Stop" button. After charging is complete, it is displayed under "Last charges".

Important: If charging was started via the SMATRICS charging app, it must also be ended in the app. A combination of the different activation methods (by customer card or via app) is not possible.

Before registering for the first time, you must create your personal SMATRICS account. The e-mail address used for your registration must be the same as that which you specified when concluding the contract.

There can be several reasons for this: either the charging point is already occupied or there is currently no data connection between the charging station and the server. Alternatively, you can try using your SMATRICS charging card to start charging.

The charging time displayed in the charging app may differ from the actual charging time. The actual duration of the charges you have made can be found in your charging session overview under "Last charges".

In this case, our service team is available around the clock on +43 5 031 351 855 and can manually stop the charging process for you.

This service is only available to users who signed their contract after January 1st, 2016.

If your contract was concluded after January 1st, 2016 and you still do not have access to your charging process data, please contact our service team by writing an email to

The SMATRICS charging app runs on all common smartphone models with iOS or Android. For iPhones / iOS the app is available in the Apple App Store and for Android smartphones it is available for download in the Google Play Store.

More information about the SMATRICS charging app can be found in our mobile app area.

Questions about the online user account

The optional online user account is used to start charging at SMATRICS charging stations without a card using a smartphone and to view details of completed charging. One card and one email address can be assigned to each account.

If you are already using a SMATRICS product with an online user account, please give us another email address.

To view the history of your charging processes, log into your personal user account on the login page or via the SMATRICS charging app. Under the menu item "Last charging sessions" you will find an overview of your previous charging sessions.

You can change your password directly in the SMATRICS app or in your account.

If you want to reset your password and set a new one, please go to the login page and click on "Forgot your password".

If your personal details such as home address, telephone number or credit card details (only applies to Direct tariffs) have changed, you can change them yourself in your online user account.

If you would like to change the following user data, please contact us by email:

  • Email address
  • Contract holder
  • Card holder
  • Payment method or direct debit data (only applies to charging card tariffs)
  • Tariff changes

We will endeavour to process your request as quickly as possible within our office hours. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it may take several working days to process your enquiry if there is an increased volume of e-mails.

Download: SEPA Direct Debit Mandate (PDF)

This can have different causes. If you already have an online user account and have ordered another product, please follow the instructions in your confirmation message. You may have been asked to provide an additional email address.

If you are a corporate customer and the card was ordered through your fleet management, please make sure that your e-mail address was entered correctly when ordering the card. If this is not the case, you are welcome to send us your e-mail address via, stating your card number.

The type of billing for charging sessions depends on the SMATRICS tariff you have chosen:

With the Charge Basic, Charge Pro and Charge Direct Basic tariffs, billing is based on the kWh charged, with the exception of charging stations with time-based billing. Please refer to the details of the respective charging station on the SMATRICS charging network map to find out which charging stations can only be billed on a time-based basis. Charging at stations of our roaming partners are only charged based on time.

With the Charge Time and Charge Direct Time tariffs, billing is based on time. The costs depend on how many minutes your vehicle is at the station.

Further details on the SMATRICS tariffs can be found in our tariff overview.

Due to the lack of a legal basis and the associated practical problems, a large number of providers are currently billing by the minute. In Austria, compliance with the Measures and Calibration Act (MEG) is generally necessary if billing is to be based on actual consumption.

Performance-based billing based on kilowatt hours (kWh) is always desirable.

A billable charging session begins with your "Start" command - either directly at the charging station or in the SMATRICS app. The charging process ends only when the vehicle is unplugged.

Please note that charging can also be ended by your vehicle automatically, SMATRICS has no influence on this.

After completing the charging process, we ask you to leave the respective charging station immediately so that subsequent e-mobility users can also charge their vehicles.

Each charging station can only provide a certain maximum power. The power actually charged depends on a number of factors. Among other things, it is relevant here, how many charging points of the respective charging station are used, what charging capacity your vehicle uses, etc.

You can find an overview of your past charging sessions under "Last charges" in your user account or in the SMATRICS mobile app.

In the case of fee-based charging network providers, this depends on whether there is a roaming partnership between SMATRICS and the respective network operator. You can find a list of all current roaming partners as well as our roaming conditions in our roaming section.

You can find a list of all current roaming partners as well as our roaming conditions in our roaming section.

You can find an overview of our roaming conditions in our roaming section.

No, with roaming partners you can only start and stop charging with a SMATRICS customer card. Unfortunately, it is not possible to start and stop using the SMATRICS loading app. However, you can filter charging stations according to roaming partners in the SMATRICS charging app. However, your SMATRICS customer card is then required to start charging.

You can find more information in our roaming section.

You can find the roaming partners easily by setting the respective filters in the map of the SMATRICS mobile app as well as on our charging network map.

A list of all current roaming partners as well as our roaming conditions can be found in our roaming section.

Customer Service

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be there for you!

If you were not able to find an answer to your question in our FAQ, the SMATRICS service team will be happy to support you:

  • by e-mail to (please note: if there is an increased volume of emails, it may take multiple working days to process your email)