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Overview of SMATRICS charging tariffs

Tariftabelle 1.3

Charge Basic

Simply without basic fee.

0.00 €

no minimum term

without roaming

per kWh¹
AC up to 19 kW 0.60 €
AC from 20 kW 0.60 €
DC up to 79 kW 0.65 €
HPC DC from 80 kW 0.70 €

• plus blocking fee of 0.15 €/min (for AC stations from min. 301, for DC & HPC stations from min. 91)

Charge Pro

The best choice.

9.90 €

no minimum term

with roaming

per kWh¹
AC up to 19 kW 0.55 €
AC from 20 kW 0.55 €
DC up to 79 kW 0.60 €
HPC from 80 kW 0.65 €

• plus blocking fee of 0.15 €/min (for AC stations from min. 301, for DC & HPC stations from min. 91)

Charge Time

Simply time-based.

0.00 €

no minimum term

without roaming

per minute
AC up to 19 kW 0.09 €
AC from 20 kW 0.19 €
DC up to 79 kW 0.59 €
HPC DC from 80 kW 1.19 €

¹ Note on billing by minutes for Charge Basic & Charge Pro tariffs: Due to legal circumstances, SMATRICS is not allowed to bill by kWh at all charging stations, as some of the partner networks do not comply with calibration law ("stations without kWh billing"). At such stations without kWh billing, SMATRICS may only charge by the minute, namely the prices of the Charge Time tariff. All stations are marked accordingly on our charging network map and in the mobile charging app. You can also find a list of the SMATRICS charging stations that are billed by the minute in our charging station overview.

All information includes 20% VAT plus a one-time activation fee of 19.90 € for the SMATRICS charging card. Each SMATRICS charging card with the Charge Pro tariff is valid for one vehicle. Replacement card: 30.00 €; valid from 01/31/2023.

The performance information refers to the maximum power output of the charging point, regardless of the vehicle’s power consumption.

The selected SMATRICS tariff is concluded for an indefinite period. Both contracting parties have the right to dissolve this contract by means of ordinary termination at the end of each month. The notice period is two weeks.

Information on old tariffs that were concluded before January 31, 2023 can be viewed in this PDF document.

HPC Schnelllader - High Power Charging mit SMATRICS

New pricing at EnBW charging stations

Applies to all EnBW charging stations in Germany

Due to our strong partnership with EnBW Energie Baden Württemberg AG, SMATRICS enabled charging by kWh at EnBW charging stations in Germany under the Charge Pro tariff since 1st of August 2023.

As a Charge Pro user, you can charge at EnBW charging stations for the same tariff conditions as in the SMATRICS EnBW home charging network. You can find the EnBW charging stations in Germany on our charging network map by selecting the "EnBW" charging network via filter function.

SMATRICS Lade-App für mobile Geräte

Charge immediately - without minimum term

SMATRICS tariffs without charging card

You would like to charge your e-vehicle, but do not have a SMATRICS tariff with a charging card? You don't want to commit yourself permanently?

That's fine with us! Get an overview of the direct tariffs from SMATRICS - load easily, quickly & without commitment.

Frequently asked questions about SMATRICS tariffs

You can find more information in our charging FAQs for charging network customers.

To switch from your old minute-based tariff to the new kWh tariff, please sign up for a new contract and state in the notes - along with your contract and/or card number - that you are canceling your current contract and that you want to switch to the new tariff.

Please note that the new contract only begins after the notice period for your current contract has expired - we will inform you when the new tariff conditions will apply exactly.

For charging sessions with kWh billing, an additional blocking fee will be charged on a minute basis after some time:

  • At AC charging points (Type 2), the blocking fee is charged after 300 minutes of charging
  • At DC charging points (CCS, CHAdeMO), the blocking fee is charged after 90 minutes

Experience has shown that most vehicle models can be fully charged within these timeframes, so the blocking fee is not charged if the fully charged vehicle is unplugged promptly.

After these times have expired, a fee of €0.15 per minute will be charged as a blocking fee. This is to ensure that the stations are not unnecessarily blocked and subsequent e-mobilists can also charge their e-vehicles.

A charging session is only considered to be over when you have unplugged your e-vehicle - in the interest of future users, we ask you to vacate the charging space immediately after charging is complete.

There is no additional blocking fee for charge sessions, which are billed per minute.

SMATRICS strives to ensure that customer's charging sessions are billed as transparently and comprehensibly as possible. Billing based on the amount of energy consumed is the fairest option for all customers. For this reason, SMATRICS decided to expand the tariff portfolio and to offer a corresponding tariff with kWh-based billing.

Billing by kWh is only possible if strict legal regulations are observed. A few of our charging stations do not comply with these strict legal regulations yet. At these charging stations, SMATRICS does not charge by kWh but by minutes, even if customers have signed a kWh tariff. These stations are also marked accordingly - on the station itself as well as on our charging network map.

The charging network map contains an overview of the SMATRICS charging stations and their possible billing types. You will also find the complete list of all charging stations as a PDF document below the charging network map. In this list, charging stations where billing by kWh is possible are marked accordingly.

In addition, stickers are attached to SMATRICS EnBW charging stations where billing by kWh is not possible, which clearly show that billing is not based on kWh at the respective charging station.

Customer Service

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be there for you!

If you were not able to find an answer to your question in our FAQ, the SMATRICS service team will be happy to support you:

  • by e-mail to (please note: if there is an increased volume of emails, it may take multiple working days to process your email)