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Manage charging cards

with charVIS Business

A growing fleet of e-vehicles leads to additional work: new drivers & charging cards have to be created. Charging sessions and costs must be kept in mind. Every step has to be GDPR compliant.

With charVIS Business from SMATRICS you get a powerful software solution for efficient driver & charge card management.

charVIS Business in action

Innovative companies rely on efficient driver & charging card management with charVIS Business

Features of charVIS Business

Functional & clear UX

Activate and deactivate charging cards via charVIS Business and always keep an overview of charges & costs per card.

With the quick search function, you can find charging cards not only by their number but also by their status or based on individual IDs.

Intuitive & easy UI

With the user-friendly interface of charVIS Business, you can create new drivers and charging cards with just a few clicks.

The simple assignment of vehicle license plates, personnel numbers or individual IDs gives you a better overview and makes billing easier for you.

Transparent & safe solution

With the overview of charging sessions & costs of charVIS Business, you can keep track of many charging cards and vehicles.

In addition, all charging sessions and costs can be called up at any time and are available for detailed checks.

In your look & feel

charVIS Business is adaptable and can be visually customized to fit your corporate identity in accordance with your brand and CI guidelines.

By adapting design elements such as colors and logos, you ensure the consistent appearance of your brand and offer your users a familiar environment.

Efficient software for charging card management

charVIS Business was designed for use in fleet management and enables the efficient management of e-vehicles and charging cards. With numerous features, the powerful software solution simplifies the day-to-day operations of your fleet managers:

  • Efficient administration: simple activation & deactivation of charging cards. Facilitate billing with overviews of charging sessions & costs per card.

  • Fast search & filter functions: search, filter & find charging cards by number, status or vehicle registration number.

  • User-friendly UI & UX: create new drivers & charging cards with just a few clicks and can assign individual ID numbers.

  • All Data at a glance: charging sessions and costs can be called up at any time and are available for detailed checks.

  • In your look & feel: design elements can be adapted to your brand & CI guidelines, e.g. colors & logos in UI.

  • Secure data processing: GDPR-compliant software solution for charge card management, hosted on servers with the EU.

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SMA - B2B Kontaktformular

Who will charge at your charging stations?
Guests and/or customers
Company & fleet vehicles (without billing)
Employees with a private e-car (billed by kWh)
Car park tenants (charged according to kWh)
Which and how many charging stations do you want to install?
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): 5-10 charging points
AC (normal charger up to 22 kW): over 10 charging points
DC (fast chargers from 50 kW): From 1 charging station
Unclear yet
Who should install the charging stations?
My electrical service provider will carry out the entire installation of the charging stations.
My electrical service provider will carry out the pre-installation and SMATRICS will install and connect the charging stations.
SMATRICS will take full responsibility for the installation of the charging stations.
Is not yet defined / Is still unclear.
How many charging stations have you already installed?
Over 50
Data protection notice

I have acknowledged the information the privacy policy, in particular the information about the data processing contact form.
I agree and have taken note of the data protection information.

Frequently asked questions about charVIS Business

You can find more information about our software solutions and e-mobility services in our B2B-FAQs.

Yes, charVIS Business is GDPR compliant. For example, all charging details at charging stations at home, such as the start and end of charging processes, are anonymized by default. All data is hosted on servers within the EU.

Yes, in addition to natural persons, companies can also be added to framework agreements with ease.

Yes, information about the status of your charging points can also be displayed in the dashboard if you wish. Charging activities at your charging points are also clearly visible in the map and their details can be called up live.

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